Merry Prankster Productions™ Presents:


Serenity Gathering is an annual Transformational Festival held in Southern California. Centered around the dates of the Spring Equinox, it is an opportunity to celebrate the time where night and day, dark and light, are in perfect balance – representing the balance within us.
The hope of Serenity is that we take this time to honor this balance and experience the feeling of ONE as a whole, rather than as individuals. The event features positive music, breathtaking artwork, incredible performers, guided yoga and engaging speakers. Serenity Gathering offers a creative environment where people of all walks of life can connect and build conscious community.
The event also features healthy organic food and drinks as well as select craft vendors displaying hand made jewelry, clothing and art. At the heart of the event is our healing sanctuary which hosts workshops, energy and bodyworkers. Serenity Gathering encourages radical inclusion and promotes unity by setting our sights on a new, more sustainable and awakened culture.
Serenity Gathering is a space to find inspiration from a variety of exceptional musical and visual artists while building strong bonds with fellow attendees. Going into it’s third year, the support and community shown by the “Serenity Family” is testament to how beloved this event has become.
Serenity Gathering’s “leave no trace” philosophy ensures that the land on which we hold our event is respected and left in better condition better than before.
Serenity’s mission is to enrich the lives of all involved by creating a space for freedom of expression. We believe it is necessary to hold space in which we can be liberated from the expectations and judgments of society, connecting with ourselves and other seekers of enlightenment and meaning. We aim to curate an unforgettable and uplifting experience where attendees will take the love and positivity found at our event and bring it back with them into the world!